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NOVA® Re-Processed Resin Black Can Liner -38 x 58, 1.2 mil

NOVA® Re-Processed Resin Black Can Liner -38 x 58, 1.2 mil

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Duro Dubl Life® SOS Husky Bag - 12#

Made from 100% post consumer recycled paper. Bags are FSC® chain of custody certified. Heavy duty self opening style (SOS) bags for the most demanding applications.

Manufacturers Item #29812

Duro Kraft Liquor & Beer Bag - Quart

Available in 1/2 pint to 25# sizes.

Manufacturers Item #40036

Impact® Plastic Lobby Dust Pan w/"L" Grip PVC Handle

Easy lock 2-way handle can lock in the upright position. Low-profile front edge allows for maximum pick-up. Increased tray capacity. New broom cleaning teeth on yoke. 32" H x 12" W x 11" D.

Manufacturers Item #2602

McNairn MXM Dry Waxed Sandwich Wrap - 12" x 12"

This medium weight wrap provides protection and quick release for food products. The dry wax application to this paper makes it grease and moisture resistant.

Manufacturers Item #105253

P&G Dawn® Manual Pot & Pan Detergent Concentrate1-00-38 oz

A highly concentrated liquid detergent specially formulated to help remove greasy food soils from pots, pans, and utensils.

Manufacturers Item #45112

P&G Institutional Tide® Floor & All Purpose Cleaner 4-60

Heavy duty floor and all purpose cleaner is an economical and versatile powdered cleaner. Can be used with chlorine bleach and contains no phosphates. Cleans floors, walls, pots and pans. UL Classified for slip resistance only 43R9.

Manufacturers Item #02364

Zenex Neutrazen Dry Spray Odor Counteractant - Powder Fresh

Formula delivers maximum fragrance and odor control with measured releases. Deliciously scented, finely atomized spray carries farther and last longer. For automatic dispensers. Neutralizes malodors. Dry spray, no fall-out. Non-staining. Long lasting control. Non-chlorinated. No CFC's. Net Wt.: 7.25 oz. Can Size: 10.

Manufacturers Item #491905

Dart® Big Drink Cup - 16 oz.

Maintain beverages at their optimal temperature longer with Dart insulated foam cups. Not only do Dart foam cups keep beverages at their proper serving temperature on the inside, they keep hands comfortable on the outside. Hot or cold, insulated foam delivers drinks the way they were meant to be.

Manufacturers Item #16J16

Dart® Concorde® Non-Laminated Bowl - 10 to 12 oz.

Our economical, non-laminated foam dinnerware is strong enough to handle a variety of applications. The superior insulation suits both hot and cold foods making this a perfect choice for casual dining environments. Skid-Resistant surface on base helps prevent sliding on tray or tables.

Manufacturers Item #12BWWC